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Storm Manufacturing Group is a leading supplier of highly engineered products sold into a variety of applications including irrigation, water drilling, compressed air, and many other industries.

The firm is distinguished by a longstanding reputation for high quality products, technical expertise, and exceptional service to its customer base, resulting from many years of experience in its markets.
Storm Manufacturing Group was created in 2003 through the consolidation of three highly regarded manufacturing companies:

  • Buckner, a designer/manufacturer/supplier of irrigation and industrial products to markets including golf courses, municipal parks, sports fields, agriculture, and the traditional turf/irrigation markets.
  • Kingston, a designer/manufacturer/supplier of hydraulic and air valves serving many industries including compressed air, floor cleaning, automotive, medical/dental and food service.
  • Superior , a manufacturer and pioneer of quality valves and controls in the sprinkler automation industry.

The resulting company, with its consolidated management and sales force, secures significant economies of scale and enables high quality service at lower cost to the customer.

One of Storm Manufacturing Group’s strategic objectives is to broaden its product scope and customer support via increased focus on engineering and sourcing.

Storm Manufacturing Group excels:

  • in its unsurpassed approach to design.
  • through unyielding dedication to quality.
  • as a supplier of business solutions.
  • in its strong positioning in sales, logistics, and engineering.

The Storm name has a particularly proud and resonant history in irrigation and valves. Under the Buckner and Kingston brands, the company introduced many new products and technical innovations through the years, including the first hoseless irrigation system at the Pebble Beach Golf Course, and the revolutionary automated golf course sprinkler system installed at Sea Island, Georgia.

Buckner and Kingston boast long business histories, well-respected brand names and strong business reputations. Kingston, an early industrial player in the infant city of Los Angeles, dates to 1908; Buckner was founded in 1912. As with all the Storm holdings, these Storm Manufacturing Group firms have prevailed for almost a century by changing and adapting to the market's needs and demands.